Welcome to Pure Flow Plumbing

Pure Flow Plumbing Coffs Harbour are the premier local plumbing company with over 21 years experience working within the plumbing and building industry.

Our success relies on our reputation for providing a friendly, reliable and transparent plumbing service that ensures a high quality of workmanship at competitive prices. We work for individuals, businesses, insurance companies, insurance builders, loss adjusters, property managers, property investors and developers.

Why choose Pure Flow Plumbing Coffs Harbour?

Pure Flow Plumbing provides a complete range of exceptional domestic and commercial plumbing services, including maintenance, repairs, gas fitting and consulting. Our responsive service begins with modern, custom-built management systems that deliver accurate and transparent job management and reporting. All booking, scheduling, reporting and billing is processed through a single online system that minimises paperwork and maximises focus on getting the job done. 
The advantages to you, our customer, are many, here are a few examples:

  • Trackers in all our 9 vehicles ensures a prompt express service. Our office has large live TV monitors showing both job and vehicle locations to allow us to keep clients updated on ETA’s. This enables accurate and responsive job scheduling.
  • We stock vast amounts of stock in every vehicle and at our warehouse. The stock is monitored electronically and updated weekly via the plumber’s iPads. This ensures we always have all plumbing materials to hand.
  • We take before, after and update pictures of all jobs to give the customers as much information as possible. We also send a separate report with the invoice that details job information and pictures.
  • Police and Working with Children checks are carried out for all our staff as we work in aged-care and child-care facilities.
  • We provide extra training for staff for operating machinery, such as excavators, and we have a safety officer attend several toolbox safety meetings throughout the year to provide current advice on safety issues.
  • All jobs, past and present, are available at a touch of a button for all our plumbers on-site via their iPads. This ensures we have invaluable and immediate access to information on previous job attendances and job history.

Meet Our Team

Profile image of Susie Cribbs

Susie Cribbs


Susie has assisted with the day to day running of the office for the past 4 years. She has an extensive background in office administration and accounts. In her spare time she enjoys riding her horse and spending quality time with her husband.

Profile image of Ben Johnston

Ben Johnston


Ben Johnston, the Owner and founder of the company has been in the plumbing industry for over 20 years. He trained for six years to become a licensed plumber, drainer and gas fitter. He also embarked on an Advanced Plumbing and Design course and a Diploma in Plumbing Design and Hydraulic Engineering. Ben has always been actively involved in all areas of the company, from training new staff and apprentices, customer servicing to managing the company as a whole. Ben continues to ensure that the high quality standards he demands are uniform throughout the company. He regularly audits the quality of ongoing projects to ensure customer satisfaction is guaranteed, and he personally acts as the liaison for all clientele. This approach has been proven to maintain good customer relations and client satisfaction with all areas of the service.

Profile image of Aaron Parker

Aaron Parker


Aaron is locally born and has been plumbing for twelve years. His specialities include residential maintenance, roofing, guttering and water services. Aaron prides himself on being well presented and hard working. When not working with Pure Flow Plumbing, Aaron likes to get outdoors and keep a tidy house. He is also a collector of bank coins and notes.

Profile image of Brody Carter

Brody Carter


Brody is our mature age apprentice and is into his second year. Brody was previously a storeman/salesman for a local paint retailer and has a life history background in farming. He was after a career change and was looking for a challenging and rewarding career where there is a variety of work and he can build multiple skills. He is a family man who enjoys bushwalking, mountain bike riding and going to the beach with his family.

Profile image of David Lewis

David Lewis


Our ginger pommie plumber migrated to Australia in 2014 with his then fiance (now wife) to escape the cold. David has been plumbing for more than 10 years. Having recently purchased a country property most of Davids non working time is spent renovating. When he has spare time David likes to explore his newly adopted country, shop on line, drive fast cars and is attempting to master water skiing. He loves chocolate.

Profile image of James Carr

James Carr


James was born locally and did work experience as a plumber when at high school. This led him on to the world of plumbing and he has now been with Pure Flow Plumbing for over three years. When not plumbing, James likes camping and riding dirt bikes.

Profile image of Jim Fuller

Jim Fuller


Jim has been in the plumbing industry for over 27 years. He specialises in maintenance. Jim is a fully licenced contractor. He is a family man and enjoys swimming, sailing and going to the beach.

Profile image of Shane Baragry

Shane Baragry


Shane has been plumbing for over 19 years. His specialities include new houses and maintenance. Shane is a family man with three children and in his spare time he enjoys fishing and motor bikes.

Profile image of Julianne Condie

Julianne Condie


Jay is the most recent employee to join the Pure Flow team. A long time local, Jay has many years administrative experience and has been in the plumbing industry for three years. When not assisting our customers to book in their plumbing requirements, (or telling our plumbers where to go!), Jay likes to spend time at the beach, at the river water skiing, attending pilates classes, or at home singing and dancing around the house to 80s music. Her loves in life are her two adult children and her two dogs.